Wingfoiling lessons

3-step plan to learn wing foiling

To help you learn wing foiling as quickly as possible, we have created a three-step plan for you. We offer lessons in the form of private lessons (one on one). You can take these alone or with other friends and family and you can decide for yourself or with the teacher when you want to tackle the next step on the path to wing foiling.


Learn how to handle a wing. This is easiest on a surfboard with a daggerboard.


Learn to "fly". The best way to do this is to train on our e-Foil (without wing)


Combine the two parts (wingsurfing and foiling) on ​​a wingfoil board with wing.


  • Learn about wing equipment
  • Assembling and inflating the wing
  • Wing handling on land and in the water
  • Safety tips
  • Water training on SUP boards with a daggerboard from the premium brand RED Paddle Co.

Price: 50- EUR/hour/person
Each additional person: 20- EUR/hour



  • Assembling the e-Foil
  • Safety tips and the most important rules
  • Dry training
  • Water training on our beginner-friendly Takuma e-Foil

Price: 100- EUR per hour
Each additional person: 20- EUR/hour

e-foil balaton plattensee


  • What different foils are available and which is the best for me?
  • Assembling the board, mast, fuselage, front and back wing
  • Handling on land and in the water
  • Safety tips
  • Dry training on the simulator
  • Water training

Price: 70- EUR/hour


When can I get lessons?

Private lessons can be booked individually, depending on availability. Please enquire by email!

Where does the training take place?

Our water sports center is located on the beach of Hotel Club Tihany, at the tip of the Tihany peninsula, next to the ferry. Please check here for the exact location of the water sports center.


Who is wingsurfing suitable for?

Basically, the wing sport can be learned by anyone who can swim well and enjoys being on or in the water.
It is important to point out that those who already have experience in windsurfing or sailing can gain an advantage and learn the basics of wingsurfing faster!

What should I bring to the wing course?

Drinking water, a towel, swimwear. If you have them: water shoes with soft soles, wetsuit. We can also rent wetsuits at short notice.
Please apply sunscreen 30 minutes before the course!

Segelschule u. Surfschule am Plattensee, Balaton