Windsurfing course

Windsurfing course at Lake Balaton

Attend a windsurfing course at our water sports centre at Lake Balaton and learn to windsurf in 5 days. Surf lessons for adults, teenagers and children over 8 years. Families can participate together in a Course. The aim of the Course is the internationally recognized surfing license. With this ticket, you can hire windsurfing equipment anywhere in the world.

Specially designed training equipment for all ages and weight classes are available. Our surfboards for beginners are wide with lots of volume that makes them more stable and less shaky. The surf rigs (mast, sail and boom) are very light and designed so that they can be easily uphauled out of the water, and used by the youngest to the oldest individual. If required, wetsuits are available in all sizes, for cold weather conditions in spring and in autumn.

Windsurfing course for beginners

15 hours tuition consisting of 3 hours per day, in small groups with an average of 3-7 students per instructor. Simple goals are set for each day.

Basic board control on the land based simulator consisting of: how to uphaul, starting, steering,..
Water exercises, using stable beginners boards & sails: how to uphaul, starting, steering,...
Review of activities learnt on the simulator and the water in daily theory lesson: knots, water traffic rules, equipment, wind direction & intensity, question time,...

After completing the course, you will be required to carry out a simple theory and practical test, after which you will be eligible for an internationally valid windsurfing license.

Duration: Monday to Friday, 3 hours a day (morning or afternoon), or individual times on request. Age group: From 12 years to 66+ years.

Surfkurs am Balaton, Plattensee

Windsurf classes for kids

Children can learn from 8 years of age on equipment especially designed for youngsters, which include life-jackets, wetsuits, smaller boards and rigs. The course content is very similar to the above adult’s course, but especially tailored to suit the children’s requirements, and involving lots of fun elements.At the end of the course, the children will be eligible for the Junior Surf License.
Course duration: Monday to Friday, 3 hours daily, mornings or afternoons
Age group: 8 -12

Private lessons are also available from age 7.

Windsurf Aufbaukurs

Advanced lessons

Our advanced windsurfing course will take you to the next level. With personalized windsurfing tuition, you will learn faster turns, control in higher winds, beach starts, using harness lines, footstraps and getting your board planing! You will also learn how to best setup your equipment and how to fine tune your light wind skills.

Refresher windsurfing course

Aimed at those who have mastered the basics already some time ago, but still don’t want to start from scratch. We call back your memories and lift you up to the next level of windsurfing.

Segelschule u. Surfschule am Plattensee, Balaton